Royal Defense Invisible Threat lurks on the Vita

Fans of Fieldrunners (both games available for the Vita, £3.99 for the PSP mini original and £7.99 for FR2) can grab another iOS port today on the EU PSN. Royal Defense Invisible Threat has a fantasy twist, even if it still depends on Radar as one of your utilities.

On each level, you must build towers, save money, learn spells, and keep the enemy away! Your Dwarven kingdom's eternal struggle against the troll hordes, takes the usual form with upgrades, units and new skills. Not too sure where the invisible bit comes from, that'd be really tough!

It doesn't look quite as polished as Fieldrunners, but for only £5, it might help get you through the festive season. Also out this week is Red Game without a Name, which is cheaper and looks better.