New games announced for Vita at PSX

Good news, people! There's some more games headed to the Vita! Not exactly "new" new, but more titles nonetheless. Not only did Sony drop Bastion (£6, £3.60 for PS+), Bit.Trip Collection (£7.99) and Nuclear Throne (£9.49) on PSN today.

Double Fine adventure Full Throttle Remastered is also coming to the handheld, following up Day of the Tentacle, now dated for March. With tarted up artwork, the classic biker adventure was pretty cool in the day, although I'd still prefer to play The Dig again!

We're also getting mobile title Hitman Go (one of the best rated mobile games of the year). The Vita version will have gameplay updated and optimized, with NO in-app purchases but trophies added. And, if that proves a success, what chance Lara Croft Go?

Also coming our way is SNK classic fighter Last Blade 2, not sure if this is the Wii version or an all new update. So, that's a pretty reasonable return if you were expecting nothing at all.

This was all announced at Sony's PSX keynote, which was naturally PS4 and VR heavy. The show continues, and there should be a replay soon enough.