Five Vita games you'll love in 2016

The Vita has a surprisingly busy 2016 ahead of it, with at least 120 games to look forward to. I'm sure more are yet to be announced, are there will be a few surprises along the way. Yes, some will drop off the radar, but considering the doom and gloom of the mainstream games press, I'm looking forward to 2016 in a big way.

To keep loyal Vitaistas keen and whet the community's appetite, here's what I'm looking forward to most. Yes, this list could easily change, but for now, these all have a reserved spot on my memory card.

1. Slain

Due April/May, Wolf Brew's retro slasher brings some of the finest pixel action to the Vita. I've been watching Slain evolve spectacularly over the year, with cutting edge gameplay and layers of polish being added. Packing a thumping soundtrack, Slain looks like a game not be messed with!

Alternatively: Axiom Verge

slain, ps vita

2. Ray Gigant

Acttil will bring this Experience JRPG west next spring, and I do like a bit of old school role playing. The monster-sized demons might not have made the game a hit in Japan, but it should do well here as long as the developers didn't over-complicate the character progression. Definitely one for the screenshot brigade!

Alternatively: Zodiac Orcanon

3. Lumo

The pinnacle of retro (for me) is when the inspiration comes from an Ultimate game, and Lumo from Triple Eh? borrows heavily from those classic isometric titles. Fun little puzzles and a great deal of exploring and secrets should make this the perfect portable game.

Alternatively: Monster Boy

4. World of Final Fantasy

Okay, it might be a cute take on the series, but Final Fantasy is still one of the biggest names in gaming, and as the recent episodes take themselves far too seriously, hopefully this episode will kick back and relax a bit.

Alternatively: Rainbow Skies

5. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

Never played a Digimon game in my life, but since my son is getting in Pokemon, it'd be cool to have something on the Vita to compare. Of course, should Digimon Next Order come our way, this might have to make way for it.

Alternatively: The Banner Saga

Naturally, let us know on Twitter, Reddit or in the comments about what games you're most looking forward to in 2016.


  1. Slain looks incredible. I've been following it for a bit, and the pixel art never ceases to amaze me. Ray Gigant and Lumo weren't even on my radar, so thanks for the heads up! Really looking forward to Banner Saga as well.


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