Best Buds busting 16-bit chops in 2016

Super Icon graced the Vita with the charming Life of Pixel, a jolly romp through the eras of computer and video gaming. Their new project is Best Buds vs Bad Guys which has a more 16-bit feel to it. Only early visuals so far, but the game will hit PC first, then Vita and other formats in 2016.

It features:
  • A varied and imaginative arcade platformer, with loads of blasting and a whole lot of hunting for secrets and hidden areas!
  • Equip insanely powerful, silly and just plain crazy weapons to defeat the evil army and gain access to new areas. Shrink rays, bubble guns, ice cream blasters, bouncing ball guns, explosive donuts and more
  • Dozens of varied enemies to fight, fresh from the imagination of a ten year old boy, with epic boss battles to test your skills and determination
  • 20 different worlds, rendered in 16-bit arcade pixel art style – travel to a secret enemy base, a Cliffside fortress, a terrifying cemetery, an ancient castle, a colourful toy world, the super sweet candy land, a floating rock city, mushroom town, a glittering ice palace, a spooky haunted house, an abandoned space station, a neon futuristic city and skate park, and finally to Doctor Jushaan’s lab in Hell!

More pics on the Super Icon Twitter feed under screenshot Saturday.