Vita sales flat on Atelier Sophie and Omega Labyrinth release

Vita sales managed to sneak up a few hundred in the latest Media Create chart, but it looks like we've hit the ceiling for 2015, and perhaps for the future, bar the odd big-name release.

Even sales of 25,800 for Atelier Sophie, 25,100 for Omega Labyrinth can't help pop the Vita out of its current flattish trend. Now PS4 sales are outstripping games that usually do better on the Vita, its hard to see an upside.

As we approach end of year, Japanese Vita sales for the past three years are 1,232,967 - 1,173,823 - 804,192 with five weeks to go. Sales are unlikely to pass a million, unless Steins Gate 0 goes gangbusters.

1.Star Wars Battlefront PS4 124,000
2. Atelier Sophie PS4 30,750
3. Atelier Sophie Vita (Koei) 25,800
4. Omega Labyrinth (D3) 25,100
12. Girlfriend Beta (Bandai) Vita