Vita games aplenty from Kadokawa's Japan event

Aside from the two new games announced by Kadokawa games overnight with launch trailers, God Wars and Root Letter, there's plenty more good stuff from the publisher.

For a start Experience's Demon Gaze II, the sequel to the panty-obsessed classical RPG romp, a good seller across the west, was announced for a 2016 Japan release. That should definitely come our way based on the original's success. That's moved on from its end-of-2015 release, and slightly more worrying, they are asking fans for ideas in the game, which isn't going to end well.

In a related note, the Bandai-published Experience RPG Ray Gigant, that kind of bombed in Japan, has just picked up a European trademark, suggesting they hope that the game (with great big monsters to bash) will find a more appreciative audience here.

In partnership with Falcom, Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd Evolution was also announced, which should bring a trilogy of massive RPGs to the Vita, although release formats haven't been confirmed.

Not bad for first thing on a cold Tuesday morning! Time to update the release list. Spike Chunsoft has a similar Danganronpa event in early December which should keep the news rolling in.