Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC out now on EU PSN

XSEED Games has announced the RPG sequel The Legend of Heroes: Trails in The Sky SC is out now on the PlayStation Store in Europe and Australia, for €26.99, £21.99, AUD $40.95. Can't see it on the UK store yet, but since Sony hasn't mentioned it on PSN, perhaps there is some delay, although it is available in Germany.

Developed by RPG specialists Nihon Falcom, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in The Sky SC picks up mere hours after the conclusion to The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, with Estelle traveling across Liberl in search of Joshua. Her journey involves more than seeking loved ones, however, as the Bracer Guild also tasks her with unraveling the mysteries behind the newly unveiled Society of Ouroboros.

Here's some gameplay c/o BlueMaxima:

Falcom’s Sound Team jdk provides a new soundtrack that perfectly complements the tumultuous resolution to one of the most moving and expansive JRPGs. The series’ staple strategic turn-based battle system with unmatchable customization has been taken even further with all new arts, crafts, upgraded orbments, and combo attacks.

The meticulously detailed land of Liberl awaits the player’s return with new quests, mini-games, and collectibles to offer, along with a host of both new and familiar locations that are populated with hundreds of unique NPCs, each featuring his or her own story to tell.