Videos of Square Enix's line up from Tokyo Game Show

Here are Square Enix's video trailers, fresh from Sony's Tokyo Game Show event.

Square has made the official Dragon Quest Builders video Japan-only, which makes me wonder if its not coming west, the other videos are global. This one has been ripped by someone else, apologies for the adverts.

Next up is the gorgeous and dinky looking World of Final Fantasy, mixing lovingly crafted renders and teeny tiny in-game characters.

Then, two all new games in the guise of SaGa Scarlet Grace, the latest in the SaGa series, to mark its 25th anniversary.

Finally, the all new "Of Sacrifice and Snow"from Tokyo RPG Factory. Looks pretty epic and good to see something all new. Not sure why Square hasn't uploaded the Draqon Quest Builders trailer yet.