The EU PSN PS One sale list in full

Alongside the latest digital discounts, there's a major sale going on across the dusty shelves of the PSN's historic PS One archive. If you use your Vita to shop, you won't have a clue as the Retro deal doesn't show on the Store app.

Since Sony apparently can't be arsed to detail the offers, and as I can only find a few short lists of people's favourite games, here's the full list of PS one games on the Vita store with its current price. Obviously these will change if you're reading this beyond the end of sale date (7 October 2015)

Some games aren't being discounted yet, like the Final Fantasy titles, but their time may come as Sony often juggles games in and out the list over the weeks.

The offers that are there expire on 7 October, so get going. I've highlighted what I think is a sale, or just seems a good deal to me.

I noticed that some PS One games don't show up on the Vita store, notably EA titles, shout if you see any more via the PC or PS3 store.

While we're in retro mode, where the hell is Chrono Cross? I think that's on the US store. Feel free to list anything else that's a glaring omission. And, on the flip side, is there anything we have that America doesn't.

40 Winks, Atari, £3.29
A Bug's Life, Disney, £3.99
Airboat Racing, XS, £3.99
All-Star Boxing, Midas, £3.69
Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, Atari, £2.00 (doesn't show on Vita app)
Alundra, Monkey Paw, £2.00
Arc Arena, Monkey Paw, £2.00
Arc the Lad 1, Monkey Paw, £2.00
Arc the Lad 2, Monkey Paw, £1.80
Arc the Lad 3, Monkey Paw, £2.00
Arcade Hits: Shienryu, Monkey Paw, £3.99
Arcade Hits: Sonic Wings, Monkey Paw, £3.99
Atlantis and Hercules, Disney, £7.99
ATV Racers, Midas, £2.49
Bishi Bashi Special, Konami, £2.00
Blockids, Monkey Paw, £3.99
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Square, £2.50
Bugriders, Atari, £3.29
Buzz Lightyear, Disney, £3.99
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Konami, £3.20
Centipede, Atari, £3.99
Cho Aniki, Monkey Paw, £3.99
Constructor, System 3, £2.49
Cool Boarders, Sony, £2.00
Cool Boarders 2, Sony, £2.00
Crash Bandicoot 2, Sony, £2.00
Crash Bandicoot 3, Sony, £2.00
Crash Team Racing, Sony, £2.00
Critical Depth, Atari, £3.99
Destruction Derby, Sony, £2.00
Dezaemon Plus, Monkey Paw, £2.00
Disney Toy Story 2, Disney, £4.49
Disney Toy Story Racer, Disney, £4.99
Disney Hercules, Disney, £3.99
Disney Atlantis, Disney, £5.35
Driver, Atari, £1.99
Everybody's Golf 2, Sony, £3.99
Fade to Black, EA, £2.00 (doesn't show on Vita app)
Fear Effect, Square, £5.79
Fear Effect 2, Square, £5.79
Fighting Force, Square, £3.99
Fighting Force 2, Square, £3.99
Final Fantasy V to IX, Square, £7.99 each
Front Mission 3, Square, £4.99
Future Cop, EA, £2.00 (doesn't show on Vita app)
G-Police, Sony, £1.00
GaiaSeed, Monkey Paw, £2.00
Galaxy Fight, Monkey Paw, £3.99
Gex: Deep Cover Gecko, Square, £2.50
Gex the Gecko, Square, £2.00
Gex 3D: Enter the Gecko, Square, £2.50
Grandia, Game Arts, £3.25
Gubble, Midas, £2.99
Guilty Gear, System 3, £3.99
Gunship, Atari, £3.99
Hardcore 4x4, Urbanscan, £1.99
International Track and field, Konami, £2.00
Jet Rider, Sony, £2.00
Jet Rider 2, Sony, £2.00
Jigsaw Madness, XS, £2.49
Judge Dredd, Urbanscan, £1.99
Jumping Flash, Sony, £2.00
Klonoa, Bandai, £2.00
Kula World, Sony, £2.00
Kurushi Final, Sony, £2.00
Legacy of Kain, Soul Reaver, Square, £2.50
Lilo & Stitch, Disney, £3.99
Little Mermaid, Disney, £3.99
Magic Carpet, EA, £2.00 (doesn't show on Vita app)
Metal Gear Solid, Konami, £4.00
Mickey's Wild Adventure, Disney, £2.50
Miracle Space Race, Midas, £2.49
Missile Command, Atari, £3.99
Monsters Inc, Scare Island, £3.99
Motorhead, Urbanscan, £1.99
Motor Toon GP, Sony, £2.00
N2O, Urbanscan, £1.99
Namco Heritage Bundle (Ridge Racer Type 4+Tekken) £2.90
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus, Oddworld, £2.00
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, Oddworld, £2.00
Pandemonium, Square, £2.00
Pandemonium 2, Square, £2.00
Parasite Eve II, Square, £5.79
Pong, Atari, £3.99
Populous: The Beginning, EA, £2.00 (doesn't show on Vita app)
RageBall, Midas, £2.99
Rally Cross, Sony, £2.00
Rascal Racers, Midas, £2.49
Rayman, Ubisoft, £3.99
Rayman 2, Ubisoft, £3.99
Reloaded, Urbanscan, £3.99
Reel Fishing, Natsume, £3.99
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Capcom £7.99
Resident Evil: Director's Cut, Capcom, £7.99
Ridge Racer Type 4, Namco, £2.0
Sheep, Empire, £3.49
Silent Hill, Konami, £2.90
SimCity 2000, EA, £2.00 (doesn't show on Vita app)
Snowboard Racer, Midas, £2.99
Spin Jam, Empire, £3.99
Sports Superbike 2, Midas, £2.49
Sypro Trilogy, Sony, £4.00
Streak, Atari, £3.29
Street Fighter 2 Alpha, Capcom, £3.20
Street Fighter Alpha, Warriors Dreams, Capcom, £1.50 (doesn't show on Vita app)
Suikoden, Konami, £2.00 (doesn't show on Vita app)
Suikoden II, Konami, £2.00 (doesn't show on Vita app)
SuperStar Dance Club, XS, £2.49
Syphon Filter, Sony, £2.00
Syphon Filter 3, Sony, £2.00
Syndicate Wars, EA, £2.00
Tall Unlimited, Monkey Paw, £3.99
Tekken 2, Namco, £2.00
Tekken, Namco, £2.00
Theme Park, EA, £2.00
Tom Clancy's Rainbox Six, Ubisoft, £3.99
Tomb Raider, Square, £2.50
Tomb Raider Chronicles, Square, £2.50
Tomb Raider II, Square, £2.50
Tomb Raider III, Square, £2.50
Tomb Raider Last Revelation, Square, £2.50
Tomba!, Monkey Paw, £3.25
Twisted Metal, Sony, £2.00
Urban Chaos, Square, £3.99
Unjammer Lammy, Sony, £2.00 (doesn't show on Vita app)
Vagrant Story, Square, £4.99
Vib-Ribbon, Sony, £2.00 (doesn't show on Vita app)
Warhawk, Sony, £2.00 (doesn't show on Vita app)
Wild Arms, Sony, £2.00
WipEout, Sony, £2.00

Update: Oh look, Sony finally put up a sale list for the PC store, should make things a bit easier. 


  1. US doesn't have all Crash and Spyro games. And I believe they need a PS3 to transfer certain PSOne games such as Metal Gear Solid.

    On the other hand, I think the big ones we miss in Europe are Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Xeongears, Jean D'Arc (PSP), between others.

    RPGs fans prefer the US store, adventure/platformer nuts would rather have the EU instead. One thing I know from reading the Vita thread on reddit: almost everyone would rather have what they don't have :D


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