Sony's TGS show, a shower of Vita love (hopefully)

Here we go, all eagerly waiting for Sony Japan to support its little Vita. The good news is the little man at the start actually mentioned the Vita.

Watch the whole show rerun here.

Shehui Yoshida is taking the stage.... First up a look at Bloodborne: The Old Hunters from From Software, definitely not a Vita title.

Next, new Everybody's Golf, is it for Vita, is it, is it, is it? Format not specified, from the ever-relibale Clap Hanz. PS4 only by the general reaction.

Also, Gravity Daze, coming to PS4, it does look beautiful. Gravity Daze 2 is announced for PS4 only.

Japan gets a collector's edition.

Sony's PS4 trailers here (for Remote Play, naturally)

Now Ubisoft, bringing a Samurai Warrior to fight western knights. Then, Jack the Ripper to Assassin's Creed Syndicate, both PS4.

Then Sega, with a Yakuza, 10th anniversary project. Yakuza 0 Extreme, a remake of the PS2 game. Yakuza 6 is PS 4 exclusive, arriving next year. Also, King of Fighters 14!

Finally, some Vita-ness with a peek at more adventures in PSO2, except that too is coming for PS4 in 2016. Wonder if there will be cross play? And will PS4 owners be able to use their PS Vita content?

Here's Bandai to save the day. One Piece: Burning Blood. More fighting action. Also some more Vita 2-on-2 robot battling in the latest Gundam Xtreme.

Tecmo onstage, announcing Toukiden 2, coming for Vita and PS4 in 2016, open world mentioned.

Now Square Enix with World of Final Fantasy, coming to Vita and PS4 in 2016. 

Another new Square game, Saga Scarlet Grace, a Vita exclusive.

Sega now, a new Vita RPG!

And the Vanillaware project. 13 Sentinels.

Trailer here

Now Exist Archive from Spike Chunsoft. and Danganronpa 3, coming to Vita and PS4.

Trailer here

Now an update from Square on a game announced last year. Dragon Quest Heroes II capable of four-player mode for PS Vita, with a new character and set up. Scenarios and voice actor selection complete.

More on Dragon Quest Builders on the Vita, Square's Block Making RPG. The theme is to restore the Kingdom that has fallen under the rule of the Dragon Lord. In house development is going well. Releasing in Japan on 28th January.

Square's trailers here

Cue the Sony indie sizzle reel - sizzling! Then new colour controllers for PS4, PS Now for Japan and Project Morpheus!

PS4 PRICE CUT - wonder when that comes west, looks like it is definitely time to upgrade my PS3. Finally, new PS4 and Vita adverts. The Vita one actually showed some games!

Right, I'll track down all the new video clips and get them up for you. A great show thanks to Sony's third party chums, with lots of new games to look forward to. But Sony's lack of homegrown content left a horrible void at the top of the show.