Sony's Show and Sega's TGS schedule up (again)

After leaking last week, here's Sega's Official TGS schedule (with a couple of nice blank spots for surprise titles or guests). On the Vita will be first or new looks at Atlus' Odin Sphere, the latest on PSO 2, Dengeki Fighting Climax, Hatsune Miku X and much more.

A live YouTube channel should make for easier viewing if you're a night owl.

Sony's keynote is on the 15th at 8AM UK time, 4PM Tokyo, ahead of the show, so expect a busy week of news. Even if, by some miracle, there is a new or better Vita model announced, I'd bet now that it won't be coming west. A live countdown and video stream is on the Sony site.

Let us know if you have any hopes or expectations for the Vita?

UPDATE: Looks like Japan's Danganronpa Twitter account is very keen for people to check on on the Sony show - with suggestions that Danganronpa 3 could be announced.