Pixel Noir is back on Kickstarter, fund this game, now!

Having learnt the lesson of its abortive Kickstarter campaign last year, SWD Tech is back with a perfectly reachable goal that includes the Vita in the base funding layer. They've also spent the hard hours and yards refining their engine and game, so this shouldn't be a title left in years of developer limbo.

UPDATE: Pixel Noir has just passed its funding goal with 23 days to go. Congrats to the team, but keep contributing to get this excellent looking game the best it can be with expanded stories, cut scenes and more.

Already approaching one-third funded on the first day, chip in and bring some pixel 16-bit flavour loving to your Vita or PS4. There's a PC demo to try out now for a taster of the game, but I'm confident this will be a finely crafted piece of exploring, battling and thoughtful fun, wrapped in the cold night air of Pinnacle City.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here, and all the other games you could help fund to land on your Vita.