Attack on Titan gets a naked idiot trailer

One of the Vita games missing from Sony's press event yesterday was Tecmo's Attack on Titan. Presumably the company wanted to keep some games back for its own show and tell. Here, then, is the first possible look at gameplay in Attack on Titan, although it all looks a touch pre-rendered to me.

I have no idea why this game needs gurning fools? Some sort of developer prank, or is Titan full of drunk, naked, giant idiots? If you've seen the anime, let us know! This is one game definitely coming west in 2016, so lets hope there are some more substantive enemies for us to fight.

UPDATE: Okay, I've seen some of the anime, so the people are trapped in a giant walled city and those who stray outside generally get eaten. Enter kid with ambitious dreams of being a scout, the type who generally get eaten and spat out by the Titans who lumber around the country, some times trying to break into the city. An attack hasn't happened for hundreds of years, yep, that'll last long!