Apple TV 4 and Kindle Fire 4K about to kick PSTV in history

Whatever the big reason was behind the launch of the Vita TV, aka PlayStation TV, it is clear Sony has left it to rot like the Vita. Only third-party support keeps either going, and now the PS TV will soon look like a relic from a bygone age.

The practical reasons to own a PlayStation TV now appear to be PS4 remote play on another screen, or some big screen Vita nostalgia. Apple's fourth generation TV and Amazon's new Fire TV are ramping up the power with new full HD, and perhaps even 4K devices - with games to match.

Sony shows no sign of upgrading the Vita TV, leaving the casual consumer to wonder why it has bargain bucket pricing and next to no support. With negligible sales, it looks like the PSTV will die off long before the Vita itself.