Sony announces new kid-friendly Vita bundles

Typical, about an hour after I check in with Sony PR to see if they're doing any new bundles, two new ones appear. These deeply familiar looking offerings pack the best of Sony's offerings (plus the Vikings game) and a collection of LEGO fun into two €199 bundles.

Arriving in September and October, question 1, will all those games fit on the feeble 8GB card provided. Question 2, where the hell is the Resident Evil version with the brand new Revelations 2 packed in with the PS One originals, rather than trying to flog some 3/4 year old games? Or go the Star Wars Battlefield Remote Play PS4/Vita bundle, anything to give the system a little credibility.

Also, if these were meant for the summer holiday market, then they're way too late. And if they're for the Christmas market, they are way too early - what on Earth is Sony playing at?