Resident Evil 2 Revelations monster patch improves frame rate

Sony strikes again, with another confused launch of a Vita game. Apparently the Resident Evil 2 Revelations release was pulled from the EU PSN, or never made it, and will release tomorrow with the 900MB day one (or day two, if you managed to grab it) patch.

UPDATE: Actually it arrived late on Tuesday night, will try and get a review up soon.

Here's a couple of clips of post-patch footage showing off the update in action, with still variable, but generally improved frame rates, some graphical glitches fixed and more content added.

Was Sony really so desperate to launch this game that it couldn't wait a week until the patch was ready? Will any reviews (assuming Sony was brave enough to send codes out) be adjusted in light of the patch?

Hopefully there will be a few more updates from Frima, as happened with Borderlands, to further fine tune things. Its a shame the game looks so flat and dull compared to Killzone, due to stripping out all the shaders. I guess that's the price we pay for these down-ports.