Between TGS and PSEx we should see Gravity Rush 2 soon, right?

Tokyo Game Show is looming on the calendar in mid-September. Now, we have Sony's PlayStation Experience event taking place in San Francisco later in the year, Dec 5/6, Between the two of them, and recent talk of game testing and other hints, surely we get to see Gravity Rush 2 this year?

Gravity Rush 2 has likely been in development since the Project Siren team (now Team Gravity) finished up on the Vita original, they certainly haven't released anything else, but could have been helping out on other projects.

They team released a sneaky art video in late 2013, but things soon went quiet.

Since then, it seems there's been a logical focus on a PS4 version, plus a remaster of the original for that platform. It was only in summer this year that Sony confessed to waiting for the right time to unveil the game.

What else might Sony have tucked away for Vita? We know all focus has gone to the PS4 but there's a faint hope that the company's teams have had time for one or two projects.