World Trigger: Borderless Mission gets some gameplay clips

Its a bleak world in the realms of Namco's Borderless Mission. Mikado City is home to empty train stations, whole estates devoid of life. Probably because of the huge organisms floating around them, demanding to be battled to a pulp. Such a shame that the first few seconds, with that blue cyber tinge to it looks so cool!

But it seems to be the main failing of the Vita that it can't add some life to its games, Assassin's Creed and Akiba's Trip being the obvious exceptions. So, in these pallid towns, your team battles the bugs, with story mode for those who care why you're battling them, and the inevitable  Battle Mode multiplayer for those who just want to go out and whack things.

The game is out in September, I'm not sure I could summon up much enthusiasm for a western release for a game that looks so flat and unimaginative.