Vita now a firm third in Japan hardware stakes

Over the last six weeks the Vita has been pretty much locked in third or fourth place on the hardware sales front in Japan. That's behind the 3DS and more recently the PS4, with the odd Wii U good week getting in the way, according to Media Create.

With Sony Japan reticent to share any Vita game news this year, is it now focused on the PS4 too? Unless TGS has the odd bombshell or three, I think we can officially end Sony's big-league participation in its own product.

On the software front, Makai Shin Trillion nudges into the top five, but isn't exactly setting the chart alight, while Minecraft sells another 10K but drops out of the top 10 for the first time.

05./00. [PSV] Makai Shin Trillion # (Compile Heart) 18.506 / NEW 
11./09. [PSV] Minecraft:  (Sony) 10.180 / 263.487 (+3%)
14./08. [PSV] Taiko no Tatsujin: V Version (Bandai) 8.277 / 66.959 (-34%)
19./00. [PSV] Vamwolf Cross # (D3 Publisher) - 3.369 / NEW