Odin's Sphere all new for Vita from Vanillaware

Atlus and Vanillaware have revealed what looks like a sequel of sorts to Dragon's Crown, with a party of young adventurers taking on a series of giant scaly beasts across Vanillaware's trademark 2D scrolling plains.

Actually, Odin's Sphere is a total remake and re-imagining of a PS2 title. It looks a bit more role-playing focused than the battling action of DC, with a single character focus, and perhaps a bit leass thigh and cleavage! Still, I'm guessing there's plenty of character swapping and class progression to enjoy

The game, subtitled Leifdrasir, will arrive in Japan in early 2016, on Vita, PS4 and PS3. It looks like a pretty good bet for a western version as Atlus are handling publishing duties.

UPDATE: That didn't take long, Atlus has confirmed the game for a 2016 US release, with a slight name change to "Leifthrasir." No word on Europe so far, but that shouldn't be too far behind, even if its a digital only release.