Dungeon Travelers 2 will take you to class

From Fighter to mage, scout, maid and speiler, Dungeon Travelers 2 has a bunch of classes and sub-classes that you can fine tune for a happier dungeon exploring experience. All of which you can muck about with, to your heart's content.

You have the option of resetting the character's skill points and redistributing them as you see fit. Drop all those points into a new skill to see how it performs at max level. Doesn't work well in combat? Reset and try something new! Characters will always be reset to level 15, 30, 45, etc., so try something new if it doesn't fit in with your party's composition. And because they're sub-classes instead of a true new class, players can experiment with hybridization to find plenty of viable combat synergies!

The game is due out in August in the States, and Europe in the autumn.