Dancing all Night sales head off to bed

Looks like 100,000 is about the limit for Vita games these days as the Persona 4 exclusive title spin off's sales collapse down to 13K in Japan's latest Media Create chart.

That's enough to keep it in the top 4, ahead of Minecraft on the Vita, which shows just how something new and different can do, as that approaches 250,000 boxed sales (and over 500,000 including digital). No wonder Square are keen on the Dragon Quest Builders idea. The only new entry is Zettai Geigeki Wars from Acquire, shifting a tiddly 2,831.

As a result Vita sales are down to 14,800 on the week, at the bottom of previous years' ranges. Whatever your views on success of Dancing All Night, its hard to see major developers pushing ahead with big Vita projects if they won't sell massive numbers.