What crowd funded Vita projects should Sony pimp next?

With "no time," not even one minute, 19 seconds, for the Vita during its Keynote, Sony somehow found the space to spout on at length about an unfunded project by some whippersnapper indie*.

Okay Sony, let's play fair! Since you're supposed to be listening to the fans now, which games would you like to see them put up on its next event stage and give free PR to, to get funded? A great deal of time and effort went into developing the engines for Killzone, WipEout and other games on Vita.

How much pain would it cause Sony (or other development studios) to offer those engines and resources to third parties, who don't have the scale to develop a huge PS4 title, if they wanted to develop sequels, spin-offs or new IP games?

Or how about something totally left field? Let us know in the comments.

What's Your Ideal Crowdfunded Vita Game that Sony Should Promote Next?

In an ideal world, we'd be free to choose... what frickin' game Sony decides to pimp next

A New Uncharted Title

More WipEout


Gran Turismo

Final Fantasy Crisis Core HD

Syphon Filter Vita

Ace Combat

Eye of the Beholder RPG

Grand Theft Auto Portable

*Calm down, I loved Shenmue too back in the day!