The Vita sells plenty in Spain

You know Sony doesn't like to talk about western Vita sales? Well, the company's James Anderson, talking to a Spanish publication let slip that the Vita has sold 600,000 units there life to date, not far behind the 700,000 of the PS4 and way ahead of the 100,000 or so Xbox Ones.
"No, we will continue investing in it. It is fair to say that we made ​​some mistakes at launch: the price was somewhat expensive and missing games for a wider audience. We have paid, of course. We have not done anything to lower the price or promote more the machine. Still in Spain, sales come at a rate of 150,000 consoles a year. In total we have a base of 600,000 units. It gives us some interesting income."

Okay, its not quite the near 4 million that Japan is at, but its impressive. Locally produced titles like Invizimals, Tadeo Jones and  Baboon may have helped, plus the MotoGP bundles that will have thrived as Spanish riders dominate.

Come on Mr. Anderson, how's the Vita doing elsewhere in Europe! It won't kill to tell us.