Sony's bosses try to undo their latest Vita damage

How can so many people say so much, yet say so little. Welcome to the world of PR speak.

On a GameSpot video interview Adam Boyes managed to say "Vita is alive and there is still stuff coming." Well thanks for that Adam!

Also on GameSpot, PlayStation Europe head Jim Ryan had a little more to say...

I'd like to talk about PlayStation Vita too. Is it over for the system? 

No, not at all. We're still selling respectable quantities. We have a hundred games in development, and you might say, "Well yeah but they're all indie games," but many of these games review very highly. Also the PS4's Remote Play feature is something that is valued a lot. 

Sure. I'm not sure if the handheld market has long-term potential. I know you still support PlayStation Vita, and I know people who own it swear by it. But the handheld market has collapsed, has it not? 

There's no disputing that it's not the size it used to be. It's a much smaller market than when the DS and PSP were in their glory days. But that market still does exist. But is it still a profitable market, is what I wonder. 

Do you think that PS Vita will be Sony's last handheld? 

You know, that would be a great headline for you there if I answered that, but I'm not going to give it to you [laughs].

@Yosp basically kills Sony Vita development in this IGN video and says there was no time for the handheld...

I'll update this page as more comments come out post-E3. What questions would you like to see asked of Sony's big cheeses?