Sony puts out a belated E3 Vita video

I guess this will roll out around the regions, but it looks like while all eyes were on Los Angeles, you had to check in with New Zealand to find out what was going on with the Vita. If this is the clip they showed at E3 when the cameras were panning around, it offers a reasonable mix of third parties and indies.

Reports say there are no Vita units on Sony's E3 stand, compounding the company's mishandling of the console. But on a brighter note, there's a few games here that are new to me:

  • Kitten Squad, 
  • Death Tales (ah, this used to be called Reaper), 
  • One Way Trip (mentioned last E3, but nothing since)
  • Starlit Adventures (mobile port). 

There's also confirmation that Minecraft Story Mode and Tales of the Borderlands are still on the way.


  1. Great update guys! Thanks for the clarity.


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