Sony appeals to the crowds, shouldn't it listen to what they say?

We can argue Sony's position on the Vita all day long. Shuhei Yoshida has admitted that Sony won't make a big game for the Vita again. Therefore its a legacy device, despite Sony's Andrew House's PR droid's feckless backtracking. He (House) was on stage at E3 and didn't do one thing to untangle that mess, despite him having all the power at Sony!

Just to clarify, I wasn't expecting a torrent of new game announcements, just a healthy showing of all the good stuff coming to the Vita would have done. Leaving it to the third parties to do seems like pure abandonment, and will be duly noted by press, stores and gamers alike.

The fact Japanese third parties are keeping the games coming is down to its modest success in Japan. Publishers are having to push them west to make up for non-stellar sales back home. Regardless, Sony managed to Vita-wash its E3 show in the highlights reel, expect for this tiny logo - shame! Sony, despite your best efforts you can't quite kill it, can you?

One question, if Sony is turning to the fans to help get Shenmue III funded (yes, Yu Suzuki is in charge, but he did it on Sony's stage), why can't it turn to the fans to help with a Killzone, Tearaway sequel or a new Gran Turismo for the Vita? The engines already exist, the core assets are in place, all it needs is the money for a new story, new UI, some visuals and levels.

What do you reckon? £600,000 ($1 million) a go? I'm sure the world's combined Vita owners could stump that up. Sony has put that question on the table by helping Yu Suzuki relive his dream. If it is now involved in helping fans get games that they want, there are millions of Vita fans that would like some games too thanks, and we're willing to pay! So, come on Sony, how about it?

On that subject, since the Shenmue III Kickstarter is such a success, where's the Vita stretch goal? After all, if Bloodstained is coming our way, and the Unreal Engine 4 port with it, what's to stop this mighty funding effort producing a Vita edition? Or the original games when Sega finally coughs up the remake?

You see Sony, once you appeal to the crowds, you do actually have to listen to them!


  1. I do believe that this can be done quite easy, kickstarter has shown that you no longer need to depend on huge publishers for a game to be made, people is really getting in to support the games they want by paying the producer directly instead of waiting for an announcement and that is what the vita needs


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