New Atelier arrives in September, all about that Sophie

Atelier Sophie gets its first rush of art and screens on the Japanese sites today, with Gust introducing us to the leading lady and her sidekick. Plachta is a book, who turns into a girl, who will help teach and guide Sophie on her adventures. The official site plays some very soothing music if you want a browse.
While Plachta is handy, she's also lost much of memory, and Sophie's role is to help her find it through various mean of alchemy. As Sophie's powers increase, she can help turn Plachta in to an increasingly powerful ally to do battle with the game's many enemies.

Sounds like quite a neat tie-up, and explains much of the teaser video from last week. With some gorgeous art, involved progression, this could be one of the Vita's more refined RPGs/ All pray to Tecmo Koei that we get it over here, ideally with the premium box retail version.