Day One of E3 is live

UPDATE: Here's the replay of Sony's PlayStation event, for what its worth. Blink and you'll miss it. The show starts about 15 minutes in.

While I could well be fast asleep when Sony bowls up later today with its PlayStation love-in at 2AM UK, there could still be some good Vita news out of E3 today. Devolver (20:15 UK) is always good for a spot of indie joy.

While Bandai Namco's (10:10 PM UK) news will likely feature a whole load of Vita games we know are coming west, plus some that should including God Eater Rage Burst and who knows what else could pop up.

Keep your eye on twitch for anything interesting. Did Bethesda already win E3 with its pre-event Doom and Fallout 4 news? I do like the new Fallout Shelter game on iOS, wonder if they can squeeze that on a Vita?

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