Bumper crop on this week's PlayStation Mobile update

With the PSM store closing down in July, developers are throwing their latest projects on quick, or are updating them so they appear near the top. Either way, there's still loads of free and great cheap games to pick up. This weeks best-looking picks include:

Aqualibrium (Archifishial) 11Mb FREE

A retro puzzle game with your hero lost in an alien underwater environment. Can he (she?) collect the liquid and avoid the aliens?

Grid Survivor (Cafe Game Studio) 180MB £0.40

A very retro shooter set on the grid, with your craft packing endless cannon and brakes, as it aims to avoid or kill everything else on the grid.

Tilt A Maze (James Collins) 169MB £0.79

Set across 20 3D mazes, you have to guide the ball home in the fastest time possible. With a random level generator and four worlds, you can play with the tilt controls or stick.

Super Space Serpent (Petrus) 5MB £0.40

Another vector style grid old-school shooter where I'm guessing the enemy is a really big snake.