What would a theoretical PS Vita 2 need to sell?

Purely hypothetical, since I'm pretty sure its never going to happen, except for a more realistic PlayStation 4 Portable remote play device. However, if Sony were planning a second-generation Vita, what hardware would it sport, and what features would it need to support?

Let's start off with social sharing, and pause for reflection on why Sony didn't do it with the original Vita? Imagine three years ago, if your gaming friends' Twitter feeds were suddenly flooded with spectacular looking game pics from a portable device. That could have made quite a difference to the Vita's fortunes. So, if there is a second model, then a Share button, so successful on the PS4, should be front and center to instantly send in-game pics (and possibly video, depending on the hardware) to your Facebook and Twitter followers as a gimme.

Avengers Unite

Many developers are moving to Unity 5, and the Vita can't cut it with its years old hardware, despite being listed as a supported platform. So, any new hardware spec will have to provide support for the majority of Unity 5's features. The Vita's ARM Cortex A9 can be replaced by the A15 or the new A57 for greater power and efficiency performance. Add a little "+" magic from Sony and we get top notch gaming again, and even smaller developers adopting Unity should be keen to port!

While I'm not expecting the Vita to play all those supercool real time demos that the latest engines like to show off, by turning down the shaders, physics and some of the glossier effects, any new Vita generation should be able to cope. Naturally, that means a full HD screen to keep up with the smartphones of this world and going back to OLED as a premium device.

Do the Android

Make way for Android support. The Vita might be largely uncracked thanks to its security systems, but the lack of apps and software means that any future Vita needs a major boost. Enter Android with a metric whoop-ass of apps and games. Sony could partition the system or make it pure Android, but either way, the feeble social media app support and lack of content apps were criminal Vita omissions, as if anyone was going to subscribe to Sony Music and Video services!

Fix the WiFi

One of the most appalling features of the Vita was its slow download performance, and the horribly experience some people have had with remote play. Any next Vita will need a kick-ass smart WiFi chipset for constant streaming performance.

Sort the Storage

Some gimpy accountant at Sony rubs his hands in glee, whenever they sell a Vita memory card. His hands fell off through frostbite years ago! The idea never worked and while it may have prevented piracy, it helped kill the system. Whatever comes next, from a tiny SSD drive to plain old SD cards, Sony must learn that lesson. While we're axing things, the Vita is a games machine, it doesn't need cameras or touchpads, use the space for some killer portable speakers, PS4 compatible thumbsticks and triggers, and do things properly.

What else would you add to your ideal next-next-gen portable? Remember, its only a dream!