What will Sony show for the Vita at E3?

Vita fans, remember the #E32015 code! Expect nothing, hope for something, take joy from the little things! That said, in the spirit of optimism:

UPDATE 2: Less than 24 hours to go, everyone is talking about Final Fantasy VII remake for PS4, while the most people seem to be hoping for on the Vita is a price cut, perhaps a new firmware update and a look at Resident Evil 2 Revelations in action.

UPDATE: Sony has confirmed its event will be at the same time 6PM Pacific (2AM UK, yuk!) at the Memorial Sports Arena. Let the drooling commence! Rumours are that Crash Bandicoot could make a return (more likely given the success of Yooka Yaylee, now approaching 10 times its Kickstarter figure) and everyone has their hopes and dreams, all set to be dashed.

Outside bets might include the new Mortal Kombat for Vita, given NetherRealm's previous support, western Monster Hunter of some kind and more Killzone. I also hold out hope that Sony will release a teaser Last Guardian game (or mini-adventure) on the Vita ahead of the PS4 full-fat version.

But realistically, after the farce of the last two years, I suggested Sony have its own little pre-E3 Vita showing, just to get all things handheld out the way. By doing so, it can save what little false hope there is from getting raised and concentrate on PS4, without the Vita looking like a lost orphan, at the big show.

However, with less than a month until the biggest console event of the year. And Sony, having failed dismally to do much supportive of the Vita in recent years, will be looking to keep up that appalling run going. Fair enough it has the 20 million selling PS4 to focus on, with the, perhaps, 6-8+ million Vita sales apparently counting for nothing, in part thanks to that lacklustre support. Even Sony's big Vita fans in the form of Shahid and Gio Corsi have stopped talking about it (except for multiplat releases and PSN sales) as there is nothing to talk about.

On the less negative side, and with some realism, Sony should have something from Big Fest to show. That started out as a Vita exclusive revealed in 2013, but with very little content. In 2014 it became multiplatform, again with very little to show. Hopefully 2015 will show that some serious progress has been made.

Second will be Resident Evil Revelations 2 for the Vita, with Sony recently having revealed the developer and promising all the content. Will Frima cram all that content into the Vita version, plus multiplayer? Hopefully we'll find out.

Otherwise, all I'd expect is a showreel of the latest from Bandai - hopefully led by God Eater 2 Rage Burst - who seem to be the last major publisher supporting the Vita, clips from the NIS America and Idea Factory titles, plus perhaps a spot for Steins;Gate. Otherwise, its indies and Kickstarter games that might just, one day, eventually come to the Vita.

Given all the money Sony is raking in for the PS4, would it be too much to ask for them to contribute to Formula Fusion funding to get it on Sony platforms? If anything knows anything different, I'd love to hear about it! What else could Sony show and does anyone hold out any hope for an "all new" title?