Taiko Drum Master tapping up the Japanese Vita

In the arcade scene in Lost in Translation, there's a Japanese youth pummeling a Taiko drum machine - he's no where near as cool as the punk 'playing' guitar on the next machine over, but hey. Seeing that movie years ago made it very clear that the Japanese have abandoned stick and buttons for all sorts of fanciful controllers - no wonder arcades are dying around the world.

I missed this bit of news from a couple of weeks back, but Bandai is bringing the latest version of the game "V" to the Vita, jump to about three minutes for the in-game action!

Pretty sure that Taiko Drum Master, the latest version of that stick-bashing game will sell well. The PSP version sold 80,000 on launch and a recent 3DS version managed 50K. It is packed with plenty of popular anime themes, vocaloid tunes, some J-Pop and in-game themes, including Bandai's own God Eater to tap away to.