Sales fall flat in post-holiday Media Create chart

Back to the slump after Golden Week as sales of everything plummet with the PS4, new 3DS and Vita (plus Vita TV) only just peeking over 11,000 sales each. Worse for the PS4, the latest remaster of FFX-HD only sold 15,900 copies - dismal compared to the boost it gave the Vita in games and hardware sales.

Minecraft soldiers on at No. 3 on the Media Create chart, shifting another 11,000 copies, but with no new entries, its as dead as some doo-doos. There's just a bunch of visual novels out this week, while Cross Anjou might spark some life next week, having picked up a decent Famitsu score Nobunga's Ambition also hits, that's just been confirmed for western release on PS4 and PS3, but I'm not sure the delayed portable edition will follow.