Civilization Revolution 2 Plus given a PEGI rating for Vita

Civilization Revolution 2 Plus has been rumoured for a while, with various sources and leaks, but it looks like it is actually happening, now it has an official PEGI rating. It does have today as a release date, but that's probably just random form filling. Not sure what the "Plus" stands for as there doesn't appear to be any in-app content, perhaps its the latest version with new missions?

The game came out last year on iOS for £7.99 ($9.99), and while the official site doesn't mention the Vita, I guess this confirms everything. It would be great to get a Firaxis title on the Vita, and those earlier leaks also mentioned an X-Com game coming, which would be even better. If they all run off the same engine, other Firaxis titles could follow, so stay tuned!