Bandai Namco owns the Vita in Japan

I regularly suggest Bandai should buy the rights to the Vita off Sony, and the latest figures from Japan show why. Since Japan is on Golden Week holiday, there's no chart update today, but the year-to-date sales from Media Create are out and show Bandai games dominating Vita game sales, specifically:

No. 7 - God Eater Rage Burst (296,151)
No. 11 - Sword Art Online: Lost Song (166,588)
No. 19 - 3rd Super Robot Wars Z (120,392)

That's it, not a single Sony title, and no matter how hard others have tried, they just can't crack the upper end of the charts. So, since Sony can't be arsed to produce Vita games, why not sell the concept to the only major developer that is?

UPDATE: Bandai's own numbers for its latest financial report are out, showing 650,000 sales for the multiplatform One Piece: Unlimited World Red. Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment has now reached 570,000 units, while Mobile Suit Gundam, Dragonball and other staples continue to bring in the cash.

With Bandai doing a decent effort of bringing its games west, they could promote the machine on the back of their own releases, and customise the OS, themes and bundles to a Bandai flavour.