Another Android handheld riffs on the Vita

Remember the PSP being a great retro machine. And most of crackers efforts have been on trying to free up the Vita to do a similar job? Well, never mind. Just pay £129 and get yourself a JXD S7800. Despite the crappy name this little Android handheld with a 7-inch 1280*800 screen claims to play all Android games, plus PS1, N64, SNES, Megadrive and many more games through emulation. It seems to be an update to this JXD device from 2012!

What can the Vita play? About 700 native games (most not available in the west) some PSP titles and a very small number of PS one games - sounds rather pathetic in comparison doesn't it. Also on the way is Snail Games W3D handheld and a whole army of micro-consoles to squish the feeble-selling PlayStation TV - you'd think Sony might want to do something about that,