No YouTube app? It was Google wot dunnit!

While Vita owners have been beating chests and getting all angry over the loss of the YouTube app, which officially dies this week, it turns out a whole lot of other devices are losing it too. That includes older Apple TV units, some smart TVs, iOS devices running an older OS and so on. Quite a few of those people are probably angry too, but it is Google updating the YouTube data API that is the root cause.

If Sony had bothered to mention this at the time, I'm sure much of fuss would have been defused, or at least more diffuse. Since we can still use the Vita's browser to get YouTube video, we're in a better position than Apple TV 2 users who are totally bereft. So, it could be worse!

Overall, I guess this is the peril of living in an evolving digital world, where nothing lasts forever (where max value of forever is generally 2/3 years). It also highlights Sony's inability to communicate clearly with customers - something that's pretty shocking in the digital age.