Vita sells another 20K in Japan

No new entries in this week's Media Create chart from Japan for the Vita, but God Eater 2 Rage Burst continues to sell, managing another 17,710 units to keep it in the top 10, closing in on 200K sales.

Hardware sales totalled just over 20,000, but the Vita is already 60K down on its year-to-date number from 2014. Two years ago, Soul Sacrifice arrived from Sony (the dark blue spike), and there's no sign of the company offering anything that will move hardware in those volumes this year. With Sega all but dead, and Square looking to have abandoned the Vita, only Bandai seem to have the muscle to put out any major releases. Yes, there's lots of little bright spots ahead, Digimon, Demon Souls 2 and Dancing All Night, but not much to catapult the Vita into the spotlight again.