This month's PlayStation Plus game is OlliOlli 2

After almost a week of no-comment, and the anguished howlings of over-entitled Sony fans on almost every forum imaginable, the company has just dropped the list of PS+ titles for March. However, some games showed up early and are live on the US PSN update, was it worth getting excited about?

Well, the Vita is definitely getting OlliOlli 2, which is live on the US PSN with a PS+ tag next to it, still waiting to see what else pops up. Another one joining the list is CounterSpy, but that's your lot so far as the law of diminishing returns makes Sony increasingly dependent on indies, and even though OO2 is good, it won't be to everyone's taste.

So, probably not if you're a Vita owner. For non-subscribers, you can still splash out on Oreshika, La-Mulana EX, Helldivers or this week for a fine feast of gaming. Will update if anything else is added to Sony's non-list.