Tales from the Borderlands Ep. 2 gets trailed

We've seen the artwork, now here's the video for episode 2 of TellTale's Tales from the Borderlands. All we need is the damn series to appear on the Vita and we can all be happy. Of course, you can always go play Borderlands 2 while we wait! Hopefully TellTale will be a bit more on the ball when it comes to Jurassic World and future projects.

In this second episode of the season, 'Atlas Mugged,' the discovery of the Gortys Project fuels a madcap race to find just what the Atlas Corporation was up to prior to Hyperion's take over of Pandora. The intrepid heroes are not the only ones on the trail. Vault Hunters, Bounty Hunters are all in pursuit. And to complicate matters, Rhys is being haunted by visions of a dead despot. Can Fiona and Sasha hold everything together? That's up to you.