Sony UK chops PlayStation TV price cut

Sony struggles with the Vita haven't really been helped by the PSTV clouding the waters. Trying to shift at least one gizmo, the PlayStation TV (originally Vita TV in Japan, who get the sexy models like the one here) is getting a hefty discount down to £44.99 in the UK. Guessing that's for the solo box, without a DualShock controller. Ironically a 32GB memory card probably costs more than the console!

UPDATE: The price cut certainly helped shift some PS TV units, with Amazon now listing Sony's pup at No. 11 in its console best sellers, behind only the latest new releases and Xbox one and DualShock 4 controllers. Since Sony wrote down the value of its PS TV stock in its last quarterly results, it doesn't exactly help the balance sheet, but sales is sales!

Aimed firmly at the PS4 owner, with Remote Play, PlayStation Now and Vue (eventually) plus some PS Vita and PSP game support, it is being sold as a cheap addition for the second or third TV in the house of a PS4 user. Of course, this being Sony, the site lists £44.99 and £84.99 as prices, so not sure what the bundle's price is (with the controller and memory card).

With Apple likely to be upgrading Apple TV soon, Sony had better get them shifted now while the Android micro consoles and PC micro systems also tout for business. When Amazon put the PS TV onsale briefly, it sold in minutes, so there's clearly some interest, but enough to help nudge the Vita upward? I doubt it, and if this can get a price cut, where's one for the Vita itself?