iPhone's Infected Wars heads to the Vita

Action Mobile Games (or someone, since AM's social content hasn't been updated since 2013) is bringing its zombie-infested shooter to the Vita next week, with character classes including marine, sniper, sapper and medic to create some teamplay in this multiplayer focused title. Perhaps they should update the title to 2015 Infected Wars though, just a thought.

Developed on the Unreal 3 engine, the Vita should be able to do its thing and with proper controls, all looks good. With HellDivers also offering some great MP action, looks like the Vita is getting a bit of a co-op renaissance. It might not be the prettiest game ever, but we need all the shooting we can get, and if it sells a few, maybe a few more iOS devs will come calling. Bets on in-app purchases?