Gravity Rush Remastered listed for PS4 in Korea

File in the "no real surprise" folder! As Sony desperately looks for cash under the company sofas, why not prep the world for Gravity Rush 2 with a quick remastering of the original? With a tweak of the tilt controls to the PS4's DualShock and upping the graphics a notch to proper HD, it should look pretty good, as the game approaches its second birthday. That's according to Korea's ratings board anyway.

That will follow on Tearaway's heels as anything that did a bit of business on the Vita heads upwards. If they'd sold millions on the Vita then perhaps we'd be getting our own sequels, but that's the nature of this cruel world. Gravity Rush pretty much aced the Vita with great controls, a compelling world and story, and beautiful music.

Just realised I never reviewed the game, even though I finished it, time for a quick update there! What's Kat been up to while waiting for her second opus? She appeared in Everybody's Golf and Ragnarok Odyssey as a bonus character, but hopefully won't be too long until she takes centre stage again.