What will NIS America unveil at its February press event?

After a worrying silence, thanks to the usual dead January, the gaming news is coming thick and fast. We've had lots of fun news from Atlus, and Square had its own streaming event for the Japanese audience. With AnimeJapan up next, where we might get some info plus the Tales of Festival to look forward to in June, Japan is pretty much where its at for the Vita.

However, for western gamers, NIS America is first up among the publishers with an event for 2015, having its annual press shindig in a couple of weeks, with the promise of their "biggest title announcements yet." Since they're incredibly Vita friendly, who knows what's coming.

Will they include Vita games? There's a better chance than at any Activision, EA or even a Sony event. In attendance will be two special guests - Sohei Niikawa (President of NIS) and Yoshinori Terasawa (producer of Danganronpa), which might give a clue or two as to what's coming our way.

What would you like to see NIS announcing during their event on the 19th?