Tokyo Dark a potential Vita Kickstarter title

I don't really get games being plastered on Square's Collective page, trying to get some support to turn up on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Its not like they're earning any money or getting all that much exposure in the mean time? Among the latest batch of titles to have a go is the decidedly interesting Tokyo Dark.

Anyway, the game from Cherrymochi is an anime horror adventure game, mixing point and click and visual novel play. It looks pretty stylish, but a Vita option looks some way down the list of likely stretch goals. That's assuming it gets enough interest on Square's site for that to go ahead. Still, let them know you care, and what format you want it on, and who knows!

Ars Tactica Dragon Tournament was the first game I noticed taking this Square route, and there's still no sign of it hitting a crowd funding site, many months on. Hopefully Tokyo Dark will get a move on, if there's enough interest.