The PSN US blog celebrates the Vita's birthday with a sale

While the EU blog could barely manage a sullen nod to the Vita, at least the American site seems a little jollier that Sony's portable is still around, while managing to put up another big sale. It doesn't seem quite as hit-heavy as the EU sale, but hey - cheap games!
Hard to believe how fast time flies, but PS Vita just hit its third birthday. From the launch of our slimmer model last May, to the kick-off of PlayStation Now on PS Vita, to the slate of new games, the system continues to deliver some of the best portable gaming experiences around.

Having been digging into the Vita's gaming history, which is a lot more fun than trying to cover the dribble of games today, I'll be going back through my gaming archive and digging up some of the more entertaining titles for some more in-depth pieces - to let the good times roll back around, again! I guess the key lesson here, is that the first games out for the Vita could just be the best it ever got and will always be worth revisiting.

Certainly, if anyone got a Vita recently, they can get a truck load of great games at cheap prices, perhaps that a selling point Sony could try, if it ever bothered to market the handheld.