Stealth Inc. 2 sneaking up on the Vita?

Formerly a Wii U exclusive, the diminutive agent clones in Stealth Inc are heading back to the Vita. And, lets face it, they did look fantastic on a little OLED screen! The news comes via a trophy listing for the game across PS4/PS3 and Vita, expect an official news blip from Curve on Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones, with the studio already making big waves already in 2015.

They've just had a snazzy logo redesign and announced that UK gaming PR legend Simon Byron is joining as a Publishing Director. The company has already helped bring Titan Attacks, Lone Survivor and a few others to the Vita, so give them all the support you can.

UPDATE: Curve say (via a Twitter DM) that they know nothing about this, so perhaps fake, or someone jumping the gun? Time will tell. The fact there's also a ESRB rating for the game floating around, suggests some gun jumping going on, perhaps part of the first level?

NEW UPDATE (Monday): This is now confirmed by Curve for for the Vita and other platforms coming in April. The sequel expands on the action-platforming gameplay of the original in every possible way, introducing a metroidvania style overworld, hidden secrets, customisable clones with a wide range of silly hats and brand new gadgets and equipment to play with.