Sony's 2015 release list rounds out the indie-friendly, mobile-port life of Vita owners

Sony has put up a long list of all announced games coming out this year, some out now, some dated, some TBA. The huge line of PS4 only games suggest Sony is pushing to move on as quickly as possible. Some games I thought were new to me, but searching through the blog, I'm pleased to say I've covered most of them, but still found a few I missed, mostly mobile ports by the look of it:

Chroma Squad (Behold Studios)
Desert Ashes (Nine Tales)
Monster Bag (Sony)
Militant (Xibalba)
Ninjin: Clash of Carrots (Pocket Trap)
Sketchcross (Spiky Fish Games)
Tower of Guns (Grip Digital)

Some of them have videos, posted below, you can check out. Of course, I hope Sony is yet to announce some titles, but anyone looking for anything big from Sony will be sorely disappointed, unless some Vita news pops out of its big "initiative" event next week.