Run Postman Run sprints to the Vita

Bob Games is bringing Run Postman Run to the Vita, a platformer where you play as a humble postie in a challenging delivery environment. It’s not an easy task since the delivery routes can be very intricate and full of dangers, fortunately, the postman office provides you with the latest letter delivery technology.

 This technology includes non-lethal weaponry and support equipment specifically built to survive in a city full of ferocious dogs. As you advance through the delivery routes and become a more skilled postman you will be able to use a tranquilizer gun, a grappler gun, teleporters, smoke bombs, and other awesome stuff, including a cat thrower you can use to distract the dogs chasing you.

The game is coming to mobiles (hence the on-screen buttons in the pics), with the developers hopeful of a PS Vita version. Run Postman Run release is planned for a rapid release, so don't expect to be hanging by the digital postbox for too long.